Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the beginning...

With classes out for the summer and unpaid interships only demanding a few hours out of my day, I have become a blog follower. It started with occasionally checking my sister's and soon bloomed into somewhat of a romance as I looked forward to my evenings alone (yes, I'm available) catching up on My Charming Kids and the Pioneer Woman. But now I think I'm ready to take this relationship to the next level (like letting my "partner" know I exist). Hence, the birth of my blog. And who would have thought it could be so simple since from conception (of this grand idea) to its birth has only taken about 10 minutes.

As for my blog name, I didn't know of any brainstorming resource (like those handy baby name books) so I resolved that I would have to rely on my wits. After running a few alliterations involving my name through my head, I realized that Bloggin Becca just wasn't cutting it. But then came the light! A name that celebrates this ever-enlightening early-twenties transition from "honey" (you know, in the way any nice southern woman refers to a youngun) to "ma'am" (though it's usually more like "honey, you don't look much older than 16!"). So here I am world, bloggers, my (previously) secret love - Ma'am in the Making!

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