Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Ladies' Weekend

I had the kind of weekend that would make a guy cringe. Friday, my sister, mom, mom's friend, and I all ventured to Charlotte for Phantom of the Opera! I'd heard wonderful reviews already and was not disappointed.

On Saturday, I went to a wedding with my sister (I was her date as her husband is one of those cringing guys). I've come to conclusion that I like weddings in the way most people like scary movies; I'm excited about them even though they scare the hell out of me. The whole time I'm having these mixed feelings floating between "aww, how sweet" and "omg, I would be hyperventilating if I were the one in the veil." But all in all, they're fun seeing as I'm not the one walking down the aisle and my only responsibilities include telling the bride she looks beautiful, attempting to dance the electric slide at the reception, and eating cake (yes, I'm sure that's required).

I finished up the weekend with the ultimate guy repellent - a baby shower! My sister and her friends hosted a jungle-themed shower for their friend, who is expecting a little boy in August. There I gorged myself on cheesecake bites and homemade (by my Grandma) mints...

Ahh, what a weekend.

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