Thursday, February 25, 2010

Could stalking food blogs be considered virtual cooking?

We got a new kitchen faucet today!! (for those of us who have been without hot water in our kitchen for almost a week now, this is very exciting).

I believe our faucet is now the newest renovation to this kitchen in about 20 years. But we've got bigger issues than a circa 1980s refrigerator (my mom was perplexed to find out that some people still use ice trays). Turn your attention to the great expanse (aka complete lack) of (pale green) counter space...

It really does put a damper on attempts to cook/bake. Not to mention, I don't really have anybody to cook for. Yet, I still have a wee obsession with food blogs (I'm kind of in love with Tastespotting). This has led me to a long list of (untested) recipes under my "bookmarks," just waiting for the day I have my own giant kitchen (or...visit my parents' counter-friendly abode).

Until then, these are just asking to be made...

(Roasted Potatoes with Apples & Oranges)

And this...

(I have a freezer full of eggplant and cherry tomatoes from my garden at my parents' house!)

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